The Kentucky Derby Museum Permanent Collection

The Kentucky Derby Museum houses over 20,000 items, consisting of artifact and library materials. Artifact collections include items belonging to renowned trainers H.A. “Jimmy” Jones and Woodford C. “Woody” Stephens and world famous jockey Bill Shoemaker. Library collections consist of books, photos, periodicals, manuscripts and film and video and include written and printed materials documenting the history of Churchill Downs Racetrack from 1875 to present day.

One of the Museum’s featured research collections is that of turf and sports writer Jim Bolus. This collection consists of newspaper articles, handwritten notes, photos and audio interviews documenting the history of the Kentucky Derby and Thoroughbred racing from 1875-1995. Click "See Our Collections" below to search contents of the Bolus Collection.

The research collections of the museum can be viewed in the Colonel Clark Library. The library is available Monday through Friday during normal operating hours, but an appointment is required.