Downloadable Activities

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Family Fun

Our friendly staff at the customer service desk hand out a Museum Map to all our guests, which contains fun but tricky trivia questions on the back. Find the answers within the Museum exhibits, and then show us to win a prize!

Color Our Foal! Coloring Sheet 

Hot Foot Fred hangs out on the Museum's second floor and enjoys watching our visitors from all around the world. Download a coloring sheet here to hang him on your wall!

Kentucky Derby Seek & Find

And they're off! It takes a combination of skill and luck to win the Kentucky Derby, and even more to win the Triple Crown. You'll need both to find these Triple Crown winners in our Seek & Find. Download here.

Pre-Visit Activities
Kentucky Derby Museum

“You Can’t Stop the Derby!”
(Grades 4-12)

Objective: To show the longevity and adaptability of Churchill Downs Racetrack, as it has responded to historic events.

The Kentucky Derby was first run Monday, May 17 1875. Since that date, there have been many world, national and local events that have affected the race. Make a timeline from 1875 to the present and plot the following events (preferably on a Smartboard if available):

After plotting is finished, show "You Can’t Stop the Derby PowerPoint”

“Kentucky Derby Museum 101”
Grades 3-6

Objective: To show the Kentucky Derby is an important part of the Louisville community for many reasons.

The Kentucky Derby is a famous race for horses, held in Louisville every year in May. Over time, this race has become a very important part of our community in a number of ways.

The Kentucky Derby Museum is a special place that celebrates this famous race.


Winner Circle Geography
Grades 4-12

Objective: To identify states using geographic clues, while also emphasizing Kentucky’s dominance in the Thoroughbred breeding industry.

Because only 3-year-old Thoroughbreds may run in the Kentucky Derby, every year there will be a different winner. No horse can run in the Derby twice. As of 2016, 142 different Thoroughbreds have visited the Kentucky Derby Winner’s Circle.

Ask students: Of those 142 winners, how many do they think were born in Kentucky? Have each student write down the number they think it is, but show no one else!

While showing the accompanying PowerPoint presentation, graph the information on the bar graph below. Show PowerPoint: “Winner’s Circle Geography”

Great Horses of the Kentucky Derby
Grades 3-12

Objective: To identify and chart some of the great, interesting and notable horses in Kentucky Derby history

Assign each student a Kentucky Derby winner from the list below. Students will complete attached intake sheet, then report findings to the entire class.