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Kentucky Derby Museum

Get the scoop on new exhibits…

First Floor: Everything Derby

*Denotes all new exhibits
**Denotes exhibits which have entirely changed locations or which have been significantly re-developed with new presentation and technology

1.1 Lobby: Capture the Moment **
The museum’s lobby provides an opportunity to introduce visitors to the fun, excitement, and revelry of Derby Day. By placing “Capture the Moment” (a yearly exhibit dedicated to telling the stories of the current Derby winners) in the lobby, visitors will be given a taste of the Kentucky Derby experience that will entice them to learn more. Capture the Moment also encapsulates one of the key messages of the museum — that the Derby is a fun and exciting event that brings people together from all over the world and all walks of life.

The exhibit itself will consist of a collage of imagery and video from the most recent Derby. By choosing a collage format, this exhibit will reinforce the idea that many voices come together to create each Derby experience. The large overhang above the lobby will feature a giant panoramic image of the stretch run. This exhibit, along with the nearby starting gate and video of horses thundering out of the gate beyond, will draw visitors into the museum.

**When the Museum first opens on April 18th, this area will showcase the story of the flood and change to the 2010 Derby winners shortly following their May 1st victory.**

2.1 “it’s My Derby”: *
This first anteroom area will present the new theme of “it’s My Derby”, an exhibit showing that a wide variety of people who feel a sense of ownership and pride about the Kentucky Derby. A center video kiosk will share personal accounts from fans about their favorite Derby memories which have been archived throughout the community.

The cases will be filled with as many as 30 Derby hats showcasing the diversity of fans who attend the Kentucky Derby. The sheer volume of objects — festive hats, several designer outfits and infield revelers outfits — will give visitors an immediate impression that no matter who you are or where your seats happen to be, everyone comes together here. The impact of this exhibit will be to imbue visitors with a feeling of excitement and anticipation, and leave them wanting to learn more about the Kentucky Derby.

2.2 My Spot: Infield to Millionaires Row *
Opposite the Winner’s Circle is an exhibit called My Spot which juxtaposes the infield experience with that of Millionaires Row. Large disks will dot the wall with cropped headshots of guests who sit in the variety of locations at the track. When the disk is rotated, guests will be able to read a short synopsis of the viewing experience from that location. The intended tone of this exhibit is playful and humorous, while simultaneously underscoring that there are many ways to participate in and enjoy the Derby.

To read more about new exhibits, download our Exhibit Plan.

Renovation Renderings (click on the image to download high-res)

New Lobby
New Lobby

It’s My Derby
It's My Derby

Riders Up
Riders Up

Countdown to Victory
Countdown to Victory

My Spot
My Spot

First Year
First Year

Winners Pyramid
Winners Pyramid

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  1. Matthew Potter says:

    I look forward to visiting the Derby Museum again the next time I come to Kentucky. The new features look neat!

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