Classroom Connection

What is Classroom Connection?

Classroom Connection is an opportunity for teachers and students to connect to our education offerings in a new and more robust way. We will visit your students virtually four times over the course of the school year, teaching mini-lessons related to the Derby, to supplement or introduce your curriculum. All grades will be available with lessons in math, science, humanities, art and more!

Subjects and descriptions for each grade level coming soon

Booking Information:

Please call Ronnie Dreistadt, Manager of Education Services at 502-992-5911, or e-mail at

Interactive Lessons


How Much Does It Cost? $75 for all four lessons.
When can I schedule the dates? That dates are up to you – morning or afternoon!
Which webcasting platform do we use? Whichever one you feel most comfortable with and is approved for your school system.
My school is outside of Kentucky. Are we still eligible? Absolutely, Classroom Connection is for everyone!
Is this interactive or a pre-recorded lesson? This is a live, interactive lesson with time for questions.