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Kentucky Derby Museum

Its My Derby

It's my Derby BUZZ: Rosy Memories: Derby Museum gathering recollections
of past Derbies -

Latest Derby Stories:

  • Tim: I started coming to the Infield in ‘77 with my high school friends. From 79 thru 84 I introduced my college crowd to the fun. My sons, now teenagers themselves, attend with me. After more than 30 years in the Infield and countless memories of the first Saturday in May, Read More

  • Paul Pasqualini: At 4:00 pm on Oaks Day 2005 my then girlfriend and now wife and I were sitting in our town home’s basement office outside of Baltimore Maryland talking about the Derby looking at the website and listening to the link for “My Old Kentucky Home”. I finally said “this is ridiculous, we should be there”. My wife’s reply was Read More

  • Bubba Hester: Soon as those gates open 8 o’clock in the mornin’ we’re there and gotta find that spot where you can actually spot a horse every once in a while and see a big screen to keep up with your horses. After awhile there, bettin’ on the horses becomes the second... Read More

  • Amy Jones: It was 2004. My family had tickets to the Derby and they had their box and I said no. I’m going to the infield, I’m in college and I’m going to be with my friends. I am going to be a hooligan… all of a sudden the sky just opens up, probably after the 5th or 6th race... Read More

  • Donna Fry: We come every year as soon as the gate opens on Derby Day with just general admission and we run straight over and grab a bench (in the Aristides Garden) and camp out for the whole day. We bring our food and from 8 o’clock in the morning until 7 o’clock at night, we... Read More


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