Kentucky Derby Museum to Open New Landmark, State-of-the-Art 360⁰ "Greatest Race" Experience

Kentucky Derby Museum to Open New Landmark, State-of-the-Art 360⁰ "Greatest Race" Experience

Who:  Kentucky Derby Museum

Primary Media Inquiry Contact:  Brittney Gorter 502-992-5910 (office)

What: On May 2, 2015, the first Saturday in May, the Kentucky Derby Museum will complete a 21-camera principal photography shoot – including a 360-degree camera rig towering over the infield – for a new production of “The Greatest Race.” This new production will transform the story into a new, state-of-the-art 360-degree media experience with technical and creative impact that will set a new industry benchmark for museum attractions well into the future.

The show’s current HD projection format has been re-engineered at the latest 4k “Ultra HD” resolution, and the new soundtrack re-engineered and mastered using the latest surround recording technology and processes. The new installation will feature completely new audio, control and playback systems along with the addition of digital signage capabilities allowing customized presentations for special events and presentation. There will also be a major upgrade of acoustics in the Great Hall, providing an optimum environment for the new “Greatest Race” soundtrack and an improved environment for special events.

“The Greatest Race” will be the first 360-degree, seamless 4k story-based immersive media experience in the world, with a display incorporating nearly 30 million pixels, making it one of the largest digital displays permanently installed in a public attraction.

Why:  Since its opening in 1985, the Kentucky Derby Museum has won acclaim nearly as rarified in the museum world, as that of the Derby in the Thoroughbred racing world. Architectural and exhibit design, combined seamlessly with a central media experience, set a new bar at the time for museums everywhere. In the year 2000, we broke new ground when we became the world’s first synchronized high-definition 360-degree show. Certain aspects have now drifted out of date and the power of state-of-the-art imagery and sound has opened new horizons for permanently installed immersive media experiences. The Kentucky Derby Museum will now stake a new claim on leadership among museums and visitor attractions worldwide by making “The Greatest Race” the greatest show it has ever been.