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Educational Activity:

Marshmallow & Spaghetti Structure

We've made a multi-disciplinary lesson on critical thinking, science, engineering, and design/building for Grades 3 - 12.

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Backside barn


How many horse stalls are on the Backside?

  • A. Approx. 750
  • B. Approx. 1400
  • C. Approx. 2100

B. Churchill Downs has just over 1400 stalls and 47 barns on the Backside as of early 2020.

Educational Activity:

Coloring Sheet

Jessica Whitehead, the Museum's Curator of Collections, is not only extremely talented at her job as a writer, researcher, and curator, but also a wonderful artist. She's made a coloring sheet of Barbara Jo Rubin fun for all ages to fill in!

Share a photo of your colored sheet on Facebook and Instragram with #derbyeveryday.

Download Coloring Sheet

Barbara Jo Rubin coloring sheet
Horse Puppets

Educational Activity: Craft a Horse Puppet!

"Shapes and Colors Horse Puppet (PreK-3)": Horse Puppets are filled with shapes and colors. Can you identify the different shapes and colors you used to create the horse puppet?

Challenge: Use your imagination and creativity to write a short story about horses. When you are done with the story, act it out using the puppets you created.

Download Horse Puppet Instructions


Jockey Silks Math Sheets

Let's do some silk mathematics! We've made two primary level jockey silks math worksheets on subtraction and addition.

Download Subtraction Worksheet

Download Addition Worksheet

Silks mathematics worksheet


Trivia Question

Which hat did the Queen of England wear to the Kentucky Derby in 2007?

Queen of England in 3 hats

Answer A:

The Queen of England attended the Kentucky Derby in 2007, the 133rd running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. She traveled with her husband, Prince Philip. Kentucky Derby Museum has a replica of this hat on display in our fashion exhibit.

If you like this, check out the Daily Trivia questions on our Instagram Stories!


Hat Coloring Sheet

Educational Activity:

Today we put together a coloring sheet activity where you can design your own Derby hat. Express your style and then share a photo of your colored sheet online with us at #derbyeveryday.

Download Coloring Sheet

Let's Make a Horse Head Sculpture!

Together let's make some homemade clay from common household ingredients and learn how to shape it into a horse head sculpture! We'll learn about design, balance, and engineering - techniques that Alexa King, artist of the Barbaro Memorial Statue, relied on when creating the statue. Share your own clay creations with us on social using #derbyeveryday!

Download Horse Sculpture Lesson >

Clay sculpture of horse head
Barbaro Coloring Sheet

Barbaro Coloring Sheet:

Color your own Barbaro! Share a photo of your colored sheet online with us at #derbyeveryday.

Download Barbaro Coloring Sheet >



This vocabulary list includes common words and terms used with horses and racing.


Suggested Reading

See this list of horse and horse-related books, compiled by the Children's Services staff at the Louisville Free Public Library where each is available to check out.


Color Our Foal! Coloring Sheet

Hot Foot Fred hangs out on the Museum's second floor and enjoys watching our visitors from all around the world. Hang him on your wall!


Kentucky Derby Seek & Find

And they're off! It takes a combination of skill and luck to win the Kentucky Derby, and even more to win the Triple Crown. You'll need both to find these Triple Crown winners in our Seek & Find.


Pre-Visit Activities for Kentucky Derby Museum

"Kentucky Derby Museum 101"
Grades 2-6

Winner's Circle Geography
Grades 4-12

Great Horses of the Kentucky Derby
Grades 3-12

"You Can't Stop the Derby!"
Grades 4-12


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