NEW Kentucky Derby Museum 25th Anniversary Cookbook!

NEW Kentucky Derby Museum 25th Anniversary Cookbook!

Now in its seventh printing, the Kentucky Derby Museum Cookbook continues to be one of the most popular and beloved books the Kentucky Derby Museum has ever created.

This special 25th anniversary edition adds new photography and more fun facts and information tot the hundreds of timeless Derby recipes and entertaining tips that have made this cookbook a bestseller for a quarter century.

"It is seldom that any museum has the opportunity to capture the essence of its purpose and package it for the enjoyment and enlightenment of all. The Kentucky Derby Museum Cookbook has accomplished such a feat and, with the advent of this 25th anniversary reissue, has truly become an entertainment phenomenon." - Lynn Ashton, Kentucky Derby Museum Executive Director

"This cookbook is a Derby winner. These traditional recipes have as much history behind them as the world renowned 'Run for the Roses.' People who want to throw an authentic Derby Party should make this cookbook part of their collection." -Joseph "Jo-Jo" M. Doyle Jr., Executive Chef of Churchill Downs

Featured recipes: Strawberry Muffins and Grits Casserole will set the right mood for your classic Derby Day brunch...