Team Directory

Kentucky Derby Museum
704 Central Avenue
Louisville, KY 40208

(502) 637-7097 Info
(502) 637-1111 Office
Front desk: (502) 637-1111 ext. 2242
[email protected]


Patrick Armstrong
President & Chief Executive Officer

Katie Fussenegger, CTA, CTIS, TMP
Executive Vice President

Nichole Williams
Director of Marketing
[email protected]
(502) 992-5910

Events and Rentals:
Tori Deis
Director of Special Events
[email protected]

Field Trips:
Chami Weeratunga
Museum Educator & Program Coordinator
[email protected]

Group Tours:
Jennifer Hagan
Director of Group Sales
[email protected]
(502) 992-5919

Media (News):
Katrina Helmer
Director of Communications
[email protected]
(502) 814-3027

Keyana Bilyeu
Membership Manager
[email protected]

Sponsorship & Donations:
Lauren Baldwin
Development Manager
[email protected]
(502) 992-5901

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Museum Collection or research opportunities:
(Please note, as a Museum, we are not able to give appraisals on historic items)

Chris Goodlett
Senior Director of Curatorial & Educational Affairs
[email protected] 
(502) 992-5917

Jessica Whitehead
Curator of Collections
[email protected] 
(502) 814-3029

Kristina Gerard
Director of Retail Operations
[email protected]

Visitor Services:
Katie Cadena
Director of Visitor Services
[email protected]
(502) 635-5955

Volunteering with the Museum:
Kelsey Johnson
Volunteer Program Manager
[email protected]
(502) 271-5338