Why partner with the Kentucky Derby Museum

The 501(c)(3) non-profit Kentucky Derby Museum invites you to become a partner in supporting our mission to engage, educate and excite everyone about the extraordinary experience that is the Kentucky Derby; one of America’s most familiar and enduring cultural events in Thoroughbred racing. Achieving the Museum’s mission would not be possible without the support of corporations and organizations like yours through corporate sponsorship and strategic partnerships.

Corporate partnerships support the Museum through in-kind and cash gifts ranging from volunteerism, garden planning and maintenance to funding for a special event or exhibit.
Corporate partnerships benefit both organizations in an impactful and are available for any amount. The Museum team works with corporations and organizations to customize each opportunity to meet the needs of both the organization and Museum. Museum partnerships can create heightened corporate image and brand awareness while demonstrating social responsibility and community involvement with a world-renown organization.

The Museum recognizes the responsibility to effectively promote the sponsor and will utilize all means of internal and external media to fulfill this. The Museum is a marketing extension that can help you deliver your message to your target audience in an uncluttered environment through a number of cause-related marketing opportunities. Becoming a partner with the Kentucky Derby Museum can help you reach consumers in a way traditional advertising does not.

The Museum has many media partners in radio, digital, television and print that help strengthen sponsored events and programs. All programs and events are executed under the guidance of a passionate staff that prides itself on creating quality experiences for our guests and sponsors. Our objective is to help you effectively reach your target audience through partnership with the award-winning and non-profit Kentucky Derby Museum.

Partnership benefits can be tailored to meet any need and may include:

To join the Kentucky Derby Museum in its efforts to engage, educate and excite everyone about the extraordinary experience that is the Kentucky Derby, please contact Patrick Armstrong at parmstrong@derbymuseum.org.