Barbaro Tribute Exhibit Opens at the Derby Museum

On April 26th, 2009 after the dedication of the Barbaro memorial sculpture at Churchill Downs, the Kentucky Derby Museum will open a tribute exhibit, Barbaro: The Heart of a Winner. This exhibit will offer a multi-dimensional view of Barbaro as a champion athlete and a fighter; a horse that rose to the top of his game by winning the Kentucky Derby and then struggling against long odds for survival. The exhibit will feature his racing accomplishments, his connection with fans and children, his struggle to overcome injury and his ability to capture the hearts of many.

Barbaro’s story is the passion he evoked in people of all ages- from race fans to those who’d never seen a race. He affected the hearts of millions of people around the world and that affection ultimately garnered needed attention for the mysteries of laminitis. The Barbaro exhibit will help our more than 210,000 yearly visitors understand more about these incredible animals and their challenges. The exhibit will document his struggle with laminitis along with the extensive medical care he received. We will showcase objects that relate to his racing career in his campaign to the Kentucky Derby and beyond.

Barbaro's heroic struggle especially impacted the hearts of children from across the nation. To honor this connection to children everywhere, the exhibit features interactive elements designed especially for youth.

We are honored to share Barbaro’s legend with guests from around the world in this site of his greatest victory.

Special features include: 2006 Kentucky Derby Gold Cup, racing silks, Edgar Prado’s racing saddle, fan mail and scrap book. Guests will also be able to record their thoughts about Barbaro in a video booth. The digital sentiments will then be posted on