2011 Horsing Around With Art Winners

Congratulations to the 2011 Horsing Around with Art Winners! Nearly 50 local students will receive recognition for their artwork as part of this contest.

First place in each division gets $500 for the school’s art department, for second the school gets $300, and for third the school receives $200. For the 3D/Sculpture and The Outriders Society Awards the schools get $100, and for the Grand Prize, the Thoroughbred Award, and the Backside Award the schools receive $500. Each of the winners will also receive art supplies for their personal use.

Divisional Awards: PRIMARY 1st Place: Mauricio Uribe, Rutherford Elementary 2nd Place: Gracie Kays, St. Matthews Elementary 3rd Place: Terrie Moore, Roosevelt-Perry Elementary Honorable Mentions: Madison Brown, Stopher Elementary Raven Brown, Roosevelt-Perry Elementary Immanuel Etoh, Rangeland Elementary Simon Fewell, St. Matthews Elementary Alana Finley, Rangeland Elementary Maritza Jose-Santo, Rangeland Elementary Jasyhia Starnes, Rutherford Elementary Cory Wigginton, Jr., Roosevelt-Perry Elementary

Divisional Awards: INTERMEDIATE 1st Place: Brian Bowman, Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary 2nd Place: Kylar Poole, Roosevelt-Perry Elementary 3rd Place: Skylar Patterson, Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary Honorable Mentions: Abigail Baker, Wilkerson Traditional Elementary Zyalah Galan, Wilkerson Traditional Elementary Maddie Goldstein, Brandeis Elementary Dakayla High, Young Elementary Christian Hinojosa, Roosevelt-Perry Elementary Alex Keck, Bates Elementary Cathy Ngo, Rutherford Elementary Nicholas Richter, Coleridge-Taylor Elementary Tushar Sharma, Goldsmith Elementary DeMon Smith, Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary Kemuel Torres, King Elementary Meredith Wickenheiser, St. Matthews Elementary

Divisional Awards: MIDDLE SCHOOL 1st Place: Sarah Senn, St. Albert the Great 2nd Place: Lily Wilding, Barret Traditional Middle School 3rd Place: Tyler Brown, St. Margaret Mary Honorable Mentions: Olivia Delano, St. Gabriel Meredith Duncan, St. Albert the Great Valerie Mohr, St. Gabriel Stanley Thomas, St. Bernard Hannah Wethington, St. Gabriel Taylor Wilson, St. Bernard

Divisional Awards: HIGH SCHOOL 1st Place: Denise Ray, Pleasure Ridge Park High School 2nd Place: Bethany Short, Pleasure Ridge Park High School 3rd Place: Shelby Spurgeon, Assumption High School Honorable Mentions: Abby Blair, Mercy Academy Tory Loebig, Assumption High School Richard Quick, Pleasure Ridge Park High School

3D/SCULPTURE AWARD PRESENTED BY AN ANONYMOUS DONOR Hannah Kalbhin, Mercy Academy The artist whose work is judged to be the best piece of sculpture or 3-dimensional work.

OUTRIDERS’ AWARD PRESENTED BY THE OUTRIDERS SOCIETY Roshan Rama, Brandeis Elementary The artist whose work is judged to best capture the traditions of the Kentucky Derby.

BACKSIDE AWARD Maha Jabbar, duPont Manual High School The artist whose work is judged to best capture scenes from the Backside at Churchill Downs, including any of the people (grooms, hotwalkers, exercise riders, farriers, veterinarians, etc.), equipment or animals involved in the training and care of Thoroughbreds.

THOROUGHBRED AWARD Hannah Kalbhin, Mercy Academy The artist whose work is judged to best “capture the beauty, athleticism and/or magic appeal” of the Thoroughbred racehorse.

THE GRAND PRIZE Kendall Bickett, Pleasure Ridge Park High School The artist whose work is judged to best “capture the spirit” of the Kentucky Derby.

PEOPLE’S CHOISE AWARD Aliza Brown, Stopher Elementary This artwork is voted on by the general public.

EMPLOYEES’ CHOICE AWARD PRESENTED BY THE EMPLOYEES OF KDM Keiasha Render, Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary The artist whose work is judged to be the most popular as voted by the employees of the Kentucky Derby Museum.