Hello Educators and Parents,

Welcome to Kentucky Derby Museum’s free “Virtual Field Trip” customized for teachers and students who want to learn about the history and traditions of the Kentucky Derby. We hope you enjoy this while your class is distance learning in response to the Covid-19 health crisis.

On a field trip at the Kentucky Derby Museum, students learn about one of Kentucky's great cultural, sporting and economic events, a horse race that has been held every year since 1875. With this in mind, we'd like to offer our services as committed educators to reach out and offer free programming. Below you will find a video tour of our Museum exhibits, a Social Studies-based Powerpoint mini-lesson called "You Can't Stop the Derby!" complete with my voiceover, a 3-minute video excerpt of our signature movie “The Greatest Race,” and a kid-friendly video tour of Churchill Downs.

We also encourage you to check out our “Virtual Museum” which is filled with blog posts, family activities and videos.

Stay strong,

Ronnie Dreistadt
Manager of Education Services


Ronnie, Chami, and Heather

Our Educators


1. Tour the Exhibits

Join us for a condensed tour through the Kentucky Derby Museum exhibits!


2. Social Studies Mini-lesson

Learn about challenges the Kentucky Derby has had to overcome throughout its 146 years and how it has become the America’s longest continuously run sporting event. It is truly “The Greatest Race.”


3. "The Greatest Race"

Included in every field trip is a viewing of the Museum's award winning film "The Greatest Race". It is projected larger-than-life in one of the world’s only 360° theatres using the highest quality laser projection available today. We have shortened this epic 18-minute film into a 3 minute preview.


4. Tour of Historic Churchill Downs Racetrack

As part of the Kentucky Derby Museum's Virtual Field Trip, let's take a short stroll through Churchill Downs see some of the most famous areas of the racetrack.


5. Science on the Track

Thoroughbreds need a safe track to run on - learn about what goes into the track makeup and about the weathering process that creates the sediment used.