Have a Delicious Derby!

Have a Delicious Derby!

Under the Twin Spires on the First Saturday in May many traditions are dusted off & put on display. You’ll see crowds of pastel-colored seersucker suits & fancy hats on parade, track patrons belting the lyrics to “My Old Kentucky Home” and a new three-year-old Thoroughbred being crowned champion with a garland of roses. Among all the traditions, however, enjoying the Kentucky-style food is certainly the yummiest. Take a look below at our most treasured Derby day dishes that are served up trackside & at Derby parties across the state.

Grits Casseroles: The southerner’s oatmeal, grits are the perfect way to start your Derby day.

Fried Chicken: Fire up your cast iron skillet & heat up the oil! Fried chicken is great to throw in your picnic basket for an infield lunch!

Dead-Heat Kentucky Burgoo: Warm the bellies of your Derby party guests with a hearty stew containing beef, veal, lamb & a slew of vegetables.

Benedictine: Use this cream cheese & cucumber mix as a party dip or spread on toasted whole wheat bread for a refreshing sandwich.

Mint Juleps: One of the most favored traditions of Derby day is sipping on a little bit of Kentucky bourbon beautifully displayed with a sprig of fresh mint in a classic julep cup or the official Derby glass.

Modjeska’s: Named after the first celebrity of the Kentucky Derby, polish actress Helena Modjeska, this caramel & marshmallow dessert is a deliciously sweet treat.

To find out how to make these Derby day recipes, purchase our cookbook. To spruce up some of your own dishes with Kentucky-made sauces & spreads, shop our edibles section here.
  • Have a Delicious Derby!