Never, Ever, Never Again

Those are my words for Mapquest.  I am officially breaking up with Mapquest - forever.   

I've used Mapquest many times since I began traveling the state six years ago and I've learned that you can't trust Mapquest once you get out in the country off the state roads.  That's to be expected.  But it's always been reliable for the main highways.  One of the first years of doing outreach, Mapquest sent us into the middle of a cornfield in Metcalfe County. It happens.  

But Mapquest has been consistently wrong this year time after time.  The final straw was last Friday on my way to Mason Corinth Elementary in Grant County (Williamstown).  I was already cutting it a little close  - but then Mapquest had me turn right off the exit ramp when a left should have been made.... Disaster!  

When it was all said and done I was 15 minutes late for my first class. So I'll go back to the old fashioned way - just getting directions when I book the outreach. I also spent two days in Morgan County  - and am going back again this week.  I will be visiting probably the smallest school of the year - Ezell Elementary on Wednesday.  I''ll post more later in the week, but now the question:  How do you get to Ezell, Kentucky?

Ronnie Dreistadt

Ronnie Dreistadt

Manager of Education Services for the Kentucky Derby Museum.