Back from a Long, Winter's Break

Back from a Long, Winter's Break

It's the second week of March.  Winter's over.  Outreach is BACK!  

It's been back with fits and starts for about a month now.  But after snow days and a wicked stomach virus, I'm declaring outreach back for the spring in a big way.  And just in time, because Derby Day is just under two months away!  Better start picking your horse out now.  I'm telling the kids Uncle Mo is going to win - but it's only because of the name.  

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Letcher County for the first time. Know where Letcher County is?  It's way, way out there on the Virginia border...a good 4 1/2 hr drive on a rainy Monday evening.  I visited three schools - Martha Jane Potter, Letcher and Whitesburg MS.  All three were excellent and I think they really enjoyed the programming. 

Whitesburg, the county seat of Letcher County is a great place to visit with amazing scenery and several really good locally-owned restaurants.  I took several drives around the area to see the mountains, and made a mistake of turning onto Kentucky State Hwy. 1679.  It''s a state road, right?  How harrowing could it be? Two miles down this one lane "trail", much of it hugging the side of a mountain with a severe drop on one side, I knew I had to get turned around.  If I met another car - one of us had a  fun, long trip in reverse to look forward to.  I was able to get turned around and made it back to the main road, luckily with no other traffic.  It turns out this state road is also called the Little Shepherd Trail.  And Kentucky can call it whatever it wants - but let me tell you  - it's a TRAIL!

I'll be traveling to Madison, IN next week, then taking a couple days of vacation.  Then the blog will be rolling again as the outreach program visits Laurel, Breckinridge and Barren Counties to wrap up March...Stay tuned!


Ronnie Dreistadt

Manager of Education Services for the Kentucky Derby Museum.