Handing Over the Reigns (keys)

Handing Over the Reigns (keys)

There are a lot of things I'm proud about the Education Department at Kentucky Derby Museum - but maybe none more than our Statewide Outreach program. I've not run across any other museum who is dedicated to outreach like we are - and certainly none that offer free programming to any school within Kentucky's 40,411 square miles.  

Of course, it takes money and personnel to run such a program, and our outreach program was suspended at the beginning of the school year due to a lack of both.  

In a fairly dramatic turn of events due to money pledged from three sources - all board members of the Kentucky Derby Museum - the outreach program resumed booking schools and was met with an overwhelming response. 42 schools are now scheduled in just a four month window remaining in the school year.  

I was named Curator of Education at the museum in June, so finding a new Outreach Educator now became the second piece of the puzzle to solve.  

So I am proud to announce the hiring of our new outreach educator, Heather Hill. She will take over writing this blog, as she experiences much of the same things that I was lucky to experience over the nine years I spent traveling thousands of miles over Kentucky roadways and visiting hundred of schools. No doubt she'll experience a host of other things as well - between kids and traveling, you never quite know what you're getting into!   So I'm handing over the keys; eager and excited for the Kentucky Derby Museum to once again engage and educate students about the greatest two minutes in sports!  

Thanks Ronnie!

And thank you KDM Board Members who funded the program this year!  

I’m excited to join the team as Outreach Educator and really looking forward to exploring this picturesque state. Now, if Mother Nature would just cooperate… If there is one word to describe Kentuckiana Weather, it’s definitely “unpredictable.”  

For example, two weeks ago on Wednesday evening, it was 70 degrees.  

When I awoke Friday morning, the windchill was -7. The span of those three days included: tornado sirens (at 4:15 am- not the best alarm clock), straight-line winds, ice, school cancellations and a sudden (and thankfully brief) snowstorm. So far, we’ve handled what the weather has thrown at us, and Ronnie and I have traveled about 2,400 miles to 10 schools in Kentucky and 1 in beautiful Madison, Indiana The students and faculty at each school were wonderful! Everyone has been more than welcoming as I transition into the program, recently taking over as solo Outreach Educator, and doing it in style! Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment Ronnie and I have been waiting for, arrival of the BRAND NEW Derby-mobile!!!  

Riddle of the day blog readers How many Outreach Educators does it take to operate a Prius-V? Answer: Two (plus 5 owner’s manuals.) So stay tuned for further adventure updates as I continue Ronnie’s reputation of “Sharing the Fun of the Kentucky Derby Experience” at a school near you!

Heather Hill

Heather Hill

Outreach Educator for the Kentucky Derby Museum.