April 28th - Meet 2009 Derby Winning Trainer Chip Woolley

Join us Wednesday, April 28th at 10 am to meet 2009 Derby Winning Trainer Chip Woolley. Chip will be at the Museum signing autographs near his hat and crutches that he donated to the Museum earlier this month. Both items are shown in the new “Countdown to Victory” exhibit on the main floor. Woolley’s silver trainer’s cup is also on display in the second floor exhibition space.

“With all the media attention about my crutches, they became a part of our Derby story. If the museum can use them to share some of the memories we made that day, then that’s where they belong,” says Woolley. “I’m really excited about museum’s renovation- the Derby museum is the only way many people ever get to experience the Kentucky Derby. Celebrating racing in a way that’s meaningful and bringing more fans to the sport has always been important to me.”

Derby Museum’s Executive Director, Lynn Ashton says, “Items like these from this year’s team are what keep us celebrating even the most current history. Fans love to see things they recognize in the museum. The Mine That Bird team has been so supportive of the Derby Museum and with their help, we can continue to celebrate their greatest victory with fans from all over the world.”

Autographs will be available. Open to the public, daily admission applies.