Education Department Mission Statement

Kentucky Derby Museum Education Department is dedicated to engaging all learners to foster an appreciation of our state's heritage, through the understanding of the cultural, historical and economic impact of the Kentucky Derby.

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Why Study The Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is a Historical Event

The Kentucky Derby is the oldest continuously held sporting event in the United States.

The Kentucky Derby is a Cultural Event

Over 160,000 people come from around the world to attend the Kentucky Derby annually, and tens of millions watch on television. It is our state’s signature event, replete with traditions, legends and icons.

The Kentucky Derby is an Economic Event

The most recent economic impact study shows the Kentucky Derby has a $217 million economic impact on the region. Statewide, the equine industry has a $3 billion impact, generating over 55,000 jobs.

The Kentucky Derby is an Athletic Event

Understanding the roles of the jockey and Thoroughbred as athletes, as well as the scientific basis for their performance, helps provide insights and comparisons into human training, nutrition and health.

The Kentucky Derby is Diverse

Kentucky Derby history is rich with diversity. Women have owned, trained and ridden Kentucky Derby horses, while fifteen of the first twenty-eight Kentucky Derby winning jockeys were African American. Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern populations also contribute greatly to the Derby story.

Our goal is to provide students with an understanding of the Thoroughbred industry in Kentucky, as well as knowledge of the rich cultural history and impact of the Kentucky Derby. We offer a free kids program to all public and parochial schools within the states of Indiana and Kentucky. All our education programs are tailored to meet Core Academic Standards.



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